Matching Grey

It has been a while since I've taken pictures for my OOTD posts. Due to the current scorching weather, as well as the lack of space, it makes it an arduous task to arrange for a photoshoot to take place. Took the opportunity to do so when I was asked to house-sit for my parents two weeks ago, as they left for a trip to Bangkok for several days.

Sadly, the pictures did not turn out as I had expected, as the tripod stand for my DSLR refused to cooperate. Anyway, I spotted this two-piece set from an online store based in China, except it was priced at $110 AUD. Decided to give it a pass, despite the fact that I really wanted to give it a good home. So pleased that I made the right decision, as I stumbled across the same outfit on a Singapore blogshop. The best part was that it was priced 30% cheaper, including shipping. Score!

Outfit: Grey Damask Knit Two-Piece from Drmers and Black Faux Leather Cap from Mossman


Happy New Year 2014! Following tradition, it's a time to reflect on the changes we need or want to make and resolve to follow through on those changes. It's a new start to the year, so there are new goals and achievements to be set. I personally hope to achieve at least five resolutions this year, and to improve myself as a person.

Here are ten of my New Year Resolutions for the year:

01. Update my blog more often.
02. Start exercising and get fit.
03. Spend more time with family and friends.
04. Learn a new language.
05. Travel more often.
06. Save more, and spend less.
07. Stop complaining so much.
08. Keep in touch with my friends.
09. Be more productive.
10. Stop late-night snacking.

Turning 23 has made me realise that I'm no longer as young as I used to be. I want to do the things that I love and enjoy, and achieve goals that I've always longed to achieve. Currently saving for my trip to Hong Kong in June to visit my boyfriend's family, and we might possibly do a stopover in Singapore for a few days.

Trend: Perfume Clutches

It has been a while since I've updated my fashion blog, but the horrible weather is to be blamed for that. It has been raining everyday for the past three weeks (from a drizzle to heavy rain), making it hard for me to take pictures of my outfit. Nevertheless, please note that I haven't abandoned my blog and will be blogging as soon as the weather gets better.

Lately, I've been blown away by perfume clutches which are currently in trend. What a genius idea!

Charlotte Olympia Scent Clutches priced at $1,295 USD: Buy here, here, and here.

If you don't have the cash to splurge on these amazing perfume clutches, perhaps you could refer to this DIY guide. Thankfully, I was lucky enough to purchase an inspired version of the perfume clutch, which you'll see in future blog posts. It's scheduled to arrive at my doorstep on Friday, and I absolutely can't wait. Are you as excited as I am?

Fashionable Kids

Why, these kids are probably more fashionable than you are. Looking through these pictures makes me slightly embarrassed about my childhood pictures. What were my parents thinking? *facepalm* In future, I will dress up my kid with fashionable outfits so that he/she will not be a victim of fashion crime. Never will the same mistake be made again.

If you know the source of these images, let me know so I can give rightful credit to its owner/s. Images found on Tumblr.

Hide and Seek

Black Mesh Top from TSR, Zara Inspired Skorts from OWA,
Alexander Wang Inspired Aline Heels from Fabriek, Lauren Lunch Bag Clutch from OWA

Winter is finally over, and here comes good ol' spring. Warmth and comfort have always been my priority, and hence you will hardly see me dress up during winter. I prefer wrapping myself with layers of outerwear, and wouldn't care less if I'm seen in the same coat. I'm glad that the sun is finally out, and shining as brightly as ever. Have been looking forward to wearing the ever-so-popular pair of Zara skorts that I bought months ago, and today was my lucky day.

On a side note, does anyone else like my Alexander Wang inspired Aline heels? I know I do.

Shoe Fever

From top to bottom: Flat sandal with buckle, Leather ankle boots with buckles, and Constrasting flat sandals.

Bought these pairs of shoes from Zara in the last month or so, and all three have taken a spot on my favourites list. Made out of 100% cow leather, it's not surprising that the material is extremely comfortable, soft and durable. I haven't exactly had a chance to wear this out yet, but I'm looking forward to pairing it with my outfits in the near future. How exciting!

Black Beauty

Tabitha Leather Shirt from OWA, Black Jeans from LEVIS, Belt from ASOS,
Block Heel Sandal from STORIES, Lauren Lunch Bag Clutch from OWA.

It has only been four weeks into my semester in University, and I've been swamped with assignments, group facilitation preparations and formal interviews to conduct. This is part of the reason why I took a well-deserved hiatus from my blog. As soon as I had some free time, my boyfriend and I visited a nearby park (which was extremely beautiful, by the way).

If you haven't already realised, my outfit was put together in accordance to my mood. Not that I was upset or anything, but I feel that being stressed associates best with the colour black. However, I must say that wearing this outfit out definitely made my day. Ah, and of course, this outfit wouldn't be perfect if it weren't for my new black lunch bag clutch. I love how the material of the faux leather is so buttery and soft to the touch, yet sturdy and durable at the same time.